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    Galdino Cardin

ISBN: 978-85-60184-16-3
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Pebble (English Edition)

por: Galdino Cardin


Galdino Cardin, with his poetic talent and extreme sensitivity in Pebble can give life to the stones, make them walk, think, dream, and love, taking the reader, the essence of words, to reflect on their own existence. A text passed intelligence and enthusiasm translates into words the emotions, anxieties and joys experienced by a simple boulder; It is a profound reflection on the values ​​forgotten by man immersed in the brutality of the feelings and the concretion of urban life and also shows the need for man to know himself, to listen the heart and the promptings of his own silence, to develop all your inner potential and will reach the fullness, realizing the true greatness of the human being. The author poetically describes all the beauty of shapes, colors and fascinating brightness of the minerals that make the world of precious stones so attractive. On the other hand, also it shows us that the opaque and without visual attraction rocks are responsible for the formation and the natural development in its interior, the most beautiful and valuable gems known and admired throughout the world. Who holds on rocks as gneiss, limestone, basalt? Who stops to admire a boulder? However, describes Cardin, they are the rocks that form the mountains that influence permanently on the surface of the formation of many cities and still provide consistent underground to support their buildings. You can not admire the beauty of nature without recognizing at the same time, the meaning of the numerous boulders. Gems express their beauty and rocks, its grandeur. The reader, to delight in the poetic text Pebble, may certainly for a few moments to feel integrated into the universe of the many rocks and boulders Galdino Cardin.


Sobre o Autor
Livros de Galdino Cardin
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ISBN: 978-85-60184-16-3
SKU: 100246
Editor: Editora Miraluz
Data de Edição: 2015
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